Safety functions of Dong Duong Elevator company


2-way set control

The system fully automatically responds to all calls to call in 2 directions of travel (upward and down direction)

  • Group control one way down

The system can only respond to call of stairs to go down at floors.

  • Automatically turn off lights and fans

Lights and fans in the elevator room will automatically turn off when the ladder is inactive or a certain period of time.

  • Light stop notification

When the elevator reaches the floor, there will be an alarm when the elevator stops

  • Open the door with the call button

When the door of the staircase is closed, the passenger can open the door by pressing the outside call button again.

  • The door closes automatically

After a period of time if there is no user, the ladder will automatically close.

  • Automatically adjust door opening time

Waiting time from door fully open until closed, adjusted automatically when receiving call signal inside and outside the stair room.

  • The main floor automatic return function:

When not in use for a period of time, the elevator will automatically return to the main floor. The time period is adjustable.

  • Power protection function in case of fire (Fire Alarm home landing)

When receiving the fire alarm the lift will automatically returns to the ground floor, open the passenger door. Then the lift will open the waiting door and will not work. The wire of the fire alarm system is supplied by the owner to the elevator’s control cabinet.

  • The priority mode in the elevator room

When this mode is opened, the elevator only serves commands in the staircase, does not respond to calls outside the floor

  • Phase reversal protection device

Set up in the control system to avoid false overload create ignition of the engine.

  • Smart controller (for group control elevators)

This controller allows you to select the nearest elevator when there is a signal to call the elevator to save time waiting for the elevator during peak hours, save energy without need set.

  • Air lift room will be returned automatically (used for group control elevator)

If one cabin cannot accommodate all waiting passengers at the same time, another cabin will be taken to serve the remaining passengers.

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