Management measures to ensure the quality of construction equipment in accordance with Vietnamese Standards

In the elevator manufacture and installation process, the elevator structure and installation process will comply with the Specific safety standards:

  • Vietnam Standard TCVN 5744: 1993 Lifts – Safety requirements in installation and use.
  • Vietnamese standard TCVN 6395: 1998 Electric elevators – safety requirements for structure and use. Vietnam Standard 5866: 1995 Lifts – Mechanical safety mechanisms
  • Vietnam standard 5866: 1995 Elevators – Cabin, counterweights, guide rails
  • TCVN 6904: 2001 Electric elevator. Test method of construction and installation safety requirements.
  • TCVN 5866: 1995. Elevator. Mechanical safety structure.
  • TCVN 7628-3: 2007. Installing the elevator. Part 3: Service lifts of type V.
  • TCVN 6395: 1998. Electric elevator. Safety requirements for structure and installation.
  • TCVN 7628-5: 2007. Installing the elevator. Part 5: Controls, symbols and accessories.
  • TCVN 7628-1: 2007. Installing the elevator.
  • TCVN 5744: 1993. Elevator. Safety requirements in installation and use.
  • TCVN 7550: 2005. Steel cable used for elevators.
  • TCVN 5867: 1995. Elevator. Cabin, counterbalance, guide rail. Safety requirements
  • TCVN 6610-6: 2000. Polyvinyl chloride insulated cables with rated voltage up to and equal to 450/750 V. Part 6. Elevator cables and cables for mobile connections.
  • TCVN 8040: 2009. Elevator and service lift. Guide rails for the cabin and counterweights. Type T
  • TCVN 5308: 1991. Technical regulations in construction safety
  • TCVN 4086: 1995. Standards in construction electrical safety.
  • TCVN 3146: 1986. General requirements for electric welding safety.
  • TCVN 3254. General requirements for fire safety.

For imported equipment and materials of the elevator, after being imported, completing the customs procedures will be transferred to the warehouse at the factory. Then when all other materials and equipment are completely manufactured, they will be transported to the site at the same time to prepare for installation.

When materials and equipment are delivered to the site, they will be gathered in the warehouse. Warehouse at the site will be taken care of and preserved by the employees of Indochina Elevator Company (warehouse must ensure shading and rain shading conditions).

In the process of construction and installation, we will establish a management board to operate and supervise the related works at the site according to the organization chart and staffing at the site.

With specialized installation equipment for elevators and a team of skilled workers who have installed many types of elevators in Vietnam, we will complete the installation of the elevator according to the correct process, ensuring safety. in the shortest time.

After completing the installation, the elevator will be operated, checked and calibrated by the company’s many years of experience in charge.

The engine will be inspected and issued a certificate of eligibility for safe use by the Technical Inspection Center of Occupational Safety for the user.

Before handing over to the user, we will assign technical staff to guide and train the rescue operations in case of an emergency.


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