Elevator renovation

Elevator or the other electrical machines that we use for days would be damaged after 10 – 20 years of using. The mechanical parts would be worn out, electronics goes wrong under years of operation. Furthermore, elevator is a kind of equipment demands the highest awareness about safety, therefore, the Owner has to consider about renovation and upgrade for your lift after a period of time.

Some items need to be double – checked and evaluate:

1/ Brake

2/ Speed Governor

3/ Cable

4/ Control board

5/ Tractor

6/ Car door and Landing door

7/ Guide rail

Problems of a long – time using elevator

–    There has vibration when running, jerky start, floor stopping not exact, moving with sound.

–    Slow closing door with vibration and sound.

–    Sometimes stops with sudden, could be trapped inside.

–    Unsteady operation because of worn out electronics and controller.

–    Stained mark on the metal surface of car and landing door causes bad look. Blurred light inside cabin.

Elevator Upgrade Benefits

–    Upgrade helps better operation: faster and softer.

–    Upgrades controlling system by new technology with more features, saving energy.

–    The more convenient elevator, the more advantage business.
–    In comparison with dismounting and installing the whole new lift, upgrading brings more efficiency and much less cost.


–     Practical consulting, cost cutting
When ordered, we would be in a process of survey and re – examine the elevator condition, and from that on, creating alternatives for clients such as damaged equipment replacing good condition device adjustment in order to not even limit unwanted cost for customers but also help the elevator safe and steady operation.

Some Upgrade Packages are also conducted by demands and restricted cost of clients.

–     Devices and accessories
The replacing devices or electronics are origins. Equipment is selected via reliability assessment.  
–     Warranty 
A long – term warranty for all of replacing electronics, commitment about being alongside of customers as using product coming from Dong Duong.

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