Maintenance programs tailored to your needs

Your building’s design, occupants and traffic patterns are unique, and so are your service demands. Accordingly, Dong Duong Service has the flexibility to adapt to your building’s unique environment.

Standard or customized contract coverage

Dong Duong Service representatives can help you determine which of our maintenance solutions best fulfill your specifications by evaluating items such as:  

  • Coverage
    Will basic coverage for parts and service do, or do you need a comprehensive plan for mission-critical installations?
  • Costs
    What are your budget requirements? We can help you find a plan that works Once the evaluation process is complete, we will work with you to structure the program that best suits your needs.




Machine room Environment


–   Be clean, clear space and must have entrance door with lock.

–   Keep away from rain, temperature ranges from 5 – 40oC.

–   There has light.

Electricity source

–  The main CB is firmly mounted. CB must be able to shut down for safety, cable screws have to be well-contacted (no brunt mark).

–  Voltage tolerance must be in limitation ±5%.

–  Ground resistor ≤ 4 (Ohm)


–   Check for tractor if any unusual operation sound happens.

–   Lubricant is at the right level, no leak.

–   Slot between Brake shoe and Brake surface ranges from 0.02 to 0.05mm; Braking force is equal at both sides.

–   Pulley tractor has equivalent rub rate between pulley drains and ensure the cable does not reach bottom drain.

–   Check cable stopper keep distance from able from 2 to 3mm.


–   Check and clean the Cable. Replace if necessary.

–   With diagonal cables, ensure rubbing phenomenon not happen

Divert pulley

–   Check pulley operation: there has no unusual sound; check for pulley axis screw nuts).

–   Check for wear rate at pulley drain.


–   Make sure to be coincident with the worm gear centre; signal wire should be neatly mounted.

Electrical cabinet

–   The cabinet is design and produced following standard. Cable tray as correct design and tightly covered.

–   Wires inside cabinet should be tidy.

–   Clean in and outside the cabinet.

Speed Governor

–   Bearing checked.

–   Rubber wheel checked.

–   Pulley drains checked.

–   Governor cable checked.

–   Governor cover checked.


Roof environment

–   Roof safety checked.

–   Light checked.

–   Wire system checked.

–   Clean cabin roof.

Cabin shoe

Shoe slot and available worn – out rate checked.

Rail lubricant box

Lubricant level and lubricant wicks checked.


Brake system check, SOS box.

Rope thimbles of Cabin pulley

Brake system check, SOS box

Governor cable

Check governor cable.

UD cabinet

Cabinet has to be tightly closed. Normal working buttons.








Hoistway environment

Safe covered, waterproof, adequate light.

Counterweight shoe and lubricant

–   Counterweight shoe check: available horizontal waggle is around 5mm.

–  Lubricant level and lubricant wicks checked. 

Counterweight cable

Cable lock checked; cable thimbles, cable clips condition checked.

Hoistway wire

–    Check and tighten wire; Wall-mounted PVC pipes.

–    Clean wire knots.

Counterweight guide rail

Clean, check and tighten rail clips, rail connector.


PIT environment

Ensure to be clean, dry and adequate light.


There has firm stair.

Counterweight Buffer

Check for safe distance.

Buffer cabin

Check for safe distance. Repair if necessary.

 Cordon wire

Check and adjust cordon wire if any loosened and reach other devices. 

Counterweight Governor

Check and adjust governor cable clip.


Door Sill

Check bending rate and cleaning.

Door shoe

Check for horizontal swagging rate.

Door wheel

Check for undamaged condition wheels and friction.

Door rail

Check for worn rate and cleaning.

Landing door

–  Check and adjust if any oblique, not equal slot and both side doors have equivalent height.

–  Doorlock and point of contact.

–  Safety lock.

–  No strike when closing.

Landing door key

Ensure to open from the outside just by using elevator key.

 Landing button

Check Direction light, floor light, buttons and lock.



–  Emergency lamp light checked.

–  Check for ventilation fan and light: neat and tidy.

–  Domestic intercom checked.

–  Door safety device checked.

–  Check for cabin door: ensure not to be bend, soft closing.

–  Roof hoistway cleaning.


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