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Elevator consultants have experience in their field and have gained this level of expertise by working directly in the vertical transportation industry for many years. They know the ins and outs of the industry and provide you an affordable method. An elevator consultant can save you from making mistakes that could cost significantly and allow you to have work performed the right way the first time.


Elevator consultants for construction projects are typically required by either the owner, or the general contract. An elevator consultant can put together a scope for construction, provide available options for unique building designs, evaluate the process during or after installation, or testing of the equipment.


Every solution and every project design are custom-made based on the characteristics of your home, your project and the understanding of your needs and desires.

A dedicated staff can develop customized projects, compact solutions and satisfy your taste in interior design trends by offering customizations in colours and materials.

We provide solutions because we know how important a solution that adapts to your needs and your environment is.

  • Custom design
  • Space-saving project development
  • A dedicated staff next door

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