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Dong Duong elevators for observation are ideal for small hotels requiring an elevator for accessibility requirements to major high-rise facilities with complex mobility needs. Our product could reach your expectation by providing measurement for Small Space Optimal and Floor – moving Flexibility at the same time to emphasize your Client’s experience.

    • Long lasting special experience inside Customer’s heart

Hotel guests want to spend their time sightseeing, attending to business and enjoying your hotel’s amenities.  Schindler’s broad range of solutions for hotels can help your guests move seamlessly though your venue, whether it be a three-story boutique hotel, or luxury accommodations in a high rise. Our range of elevators and escalators are sure to meet your hotel’s specific requirements.

Technique – Construction Details Observation Lift

Spare Parts


  • Ceiling: Mirrorpolished finishes Inox frame, decorative light as model
  • Cabin walls: Mirrorpolished Inox
  • Observation wall: Tempered glass
  • Cabin frame: Aluminium alloy
  • Cabin operation panel: Mirrorpolished Inox surface, Matrix display, Square / Round button
  • Handrail: Inox round tube
  • Floor tiles: Monocolored / Textured granite stone