Duong Duong strictly implements measures to ensure labor safety, fire prevention and environmental protection during construction


  • Workers are not allowed to smoke in the construction area.
  • Do not leave flammable chemicals and materials near places with fire (during electric welding …) and must have signs prohibiting fire.
  • During the construction process, it is forbidden to put flammable substances at the bottom of ladder holes (trees, paper boards, fabrics with oil …).
  • When detecting a fire in a construction area or another area within the construction site, must alert everyone and site security staff, and participate in fire fighting with everyone until the fire is extinguished. Turn off.
  • Comply with the regulations on fire prevention and fighting.
  • Each construction team will be equipped with a fire extinguisher.


Due to the unique installation problem of the elevator is to only assemble the ladder in the pit area (limited to a small scale). The equipment has been manufactured synchronously, and the devices do not carry any other harmful properties, so the impact on the environment is very small and insignificant.

  • Liquids such as oil will be stored in a sealed container with a lid and stored in specified places.
  • During the construction process and after cleaning all rubbish will be brought to the designated place to be moved.


Occupational safety is one of the goals that our Company has always been interested in, so all employees of the Company are required to undergo a training course on occupational safety regulations. and during the construction on site must strictly comply with the labor safety regulations and the elevator installation procedures, as well as the general rules of the site.

After conducting a field survey on the ground, current conditions of underground works, electrical systems, the location of the ladder. Labor safety measures in the construction work will include:

  • Workers are fully equipped with protective equipment such as protective clothing, hats, seat belts, gloves, construction materials systematically. good insulation number.
  • When working, the worker must wear protective gear and a helmet
  • When working at high altitude, workers must wear seat belts.
  • Workers are not allowed to perform construction while the equipment and the power grid are operating.
  • Only work in the installation area, do not go to other areas if not necessary.
  • During the construction process, there will be a sign to let everyone around to not go within the construction area.

All safety issues will be closely monitored by site supervision. All violations will be corrected and handled immediately by the management board.


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