Construction and installation measures to limit the loss of Dong Duong Company

In order for the construction and installation of the elevator to be in accordance with the correct process, ensuring safety and high professionalism, we plan to apply Construction methods as follows:

     Gathering equipment

All materials and equipment constituting the elevator after being imported or processed will be gathered at the site to prepare for installation. The equipment is neatly packed for convenience during transport as well as to avoid damage during transportation


After being transported to the site, all equipment will be loaded into storage in case there is a warehouse on site. If there is no warehouse, we will negotiate with the investor to choose the convenient equipment gathering place for construction. Equipment maintenance will be handled by our company’s staff.

     Construction work

After handing over the pit, we will use the elevator oit at its sole discretion to carry out the installation. During the installation, in order to ensure occupational safety and convenience in installation, we will not allow any other unit to work within the pit. If there is another unit under construction related to the pit, there must be a discussion and our consent.

At the construction, we will establish a management board in charge of installation and solve all problems related to the construction process.

The process of construction of each ladder will be carried out in the following order:

  • Close the operation
  • Installation and calibrating of cabin rail, rail weighting, chanel
  • Install the tractor in the right place
  • Install cabin frames, frame frames, load cables.
  • Install floor doors and cover floor doors
  • Installation of control panel at floor doors
  • Install ladder rooms, ladder doors, door transmits.
  • Extra cast iron weight + installation of speed control
  • Check the mechanical installation, cleaning to conduct the electrical system.
  • Installation of control cabinets + motor wiring
  • Installation of wire system along pits + Floor control panel
  • Install cabin electrical systems, cabin control panel, Intercom and ancies.
  • Check the entire ladder before test run
  • Test to check and calibrate
  • Last cleaning to prepare for handover,
  • Complete the work that arises.


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