We are looking for people who thrive on challenges

At Dong Duong Elevator, we know that greatness is earned every day and the passion, commitment, and hard work of our employees make our continued success possible. We lead our industry because our employees do more than meet our customers’ needs today.

We go through great lengths to hire and develop the best people, and we offer a supportive environment where employees are motivated and empowered to perform at their full potential. Today, we continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to thrive in upcoming peaks.

Why should you choose to join Dong Duong Elevator team

Our success is indispensable for professional talents, staff, and technicians. Accompanying Dong Duong Elevator Company, you not only get the basic benefits of working but also work in a professional environment, well trained in the elevator industry, and colleagues are always friendly and ready to assist when in difficulty.

With the growing trend of the elevator industry in Vietnam, Domng Duong Elevator Company commits to always create more opportunities for human resources to constantly improve and develop.

Labor benefits: Dynamic environment, Labor policy and Salary


Dong Duong Elevator Company pays attention to the working conditions of employees: we try to create a comfortable, airy, clean workplace; provide adequate machinery, necessary working equipment; equip employees with uniforms as well as full personal protective equipment for employees working at the site.

A dynamic and professional working environment, always creating conditions for each employee to have the opportunity to assert themselves and promote their full capabilities. At work, there is always the guidance of superiors, the coordination of colleagues and related departments in the spirit of the common development of the Company.


Dong Duong Elevator Company operates 44 hours / week working regime.

  • Schedule holidays, absent and other absent in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code.
  • Employees who come to work must wear uniforms according to the regulations and strictly obey the discipline of the Company.


Salary policy is built on the basis of the assigned work and the performance of the job.

  •  Periodically during the year, the Company will consider the performance of employees’ work as a basis for salary increase through the evaluation of direct leaders.
  • In addition to the salary, the Company also considered the satisfactory bonus to encourage working spirit for employees: Seniority bonus and performance bonus.


Dong Duong Elevator Company implements social insurance and medical insurance for employees in accordance with current regulations. Maternity


In order to build staff of knowledgeable work, with good expertise and professional ethics, every year, Dong Duong Elevator Company develops a training plan in accordance with the Company’s development strategy. 

  • Integration training: New employees will participate in the integration training program, helping to understand the history of Indochina Elevator’s establishment and development, understand the regulations, processes, working rules and environment. School, the Company’s culture to quickly grasp and integrate fastest with work and colleagues. Organize professional technical and professional training sessions for new employees.
  • Internal training: Regularly organize internal training on specialized skills for employees. Focus on practical internal training training, superiors train subordinates, senior experts train lower levels to continue to improve and improve the profession.


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